Distribution of Seats  As per policy of Government of Pakistan 109 seats are allocated for all disciplines such as 37 for the Faculty of  Architecture and Planning, 35 for the faculty of Fine Arts and 37 for the faculty of Design (Textile Design and  Communication Design).   Allocation of seats to the First Year for the degree courses are made according to the policy with respect to  admissions in national institutions, at present quota of seats in each Degree Course are allocated for various  regions of the country as follows:  If the seats fallen vacant from any of the above allocated areas, except Category .10) will be offered on the  basis of open merit to the successful candidates on waiting list. Whereas, if seats of “students from foreign” fallen vacant, will be offered on self finance (special scheme) with  the self finance fee of Rs. 650,000.00 (Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand only) +Tax total Rs. 682,500.00 in the  form of demand draft prepared by any branch of Bank in favor of Director, Centre of Excellence in Art & Design,  MUET, Jamshoro and overseas Pakistanis will also be entertained in this scheme on 2nd Priority.    Explanation of Abbreviations   AR    Architecture & Planning  DS  Design . FA   Fine Arts.    13. Rectification of mistakes  The admission lists announced by the Centre are provisional and if any mistake is detected shall be  rectified.  14. Admission of candidates who fail to deposit the admission fees within due date.   If any candidate fails to deposit admission fees within due date and his/her seat is allotted to another  candidate on merit and at later stage if he/she reports for admission he/she may be considered for admission  against the left over seats before the closing date of admission. 15. Additional Marks     The candidates who have a certificate of Hafiz-e-Quran on printed form from a registered Maderasah and clear  the test of Hifz taken  in the Centre, are also considered to have additional 20 marks to be added to the marks  of HSSC / Diploma.  16. Deduction of Marks due to gap in Education In case of a gap or repetition of HSSC/Diploma Examinations, the merit will be determined as described below. One percent of the aggregate marks will be deducted for each gap of one academic year after  Matriculation examination from the total marks of the HSSC/Diploma examination or equivalent, for the purpose  of determination of merit Category. This deduction is applicable whether the HSSC/Diploma examination had  been repeated or the gap had occurred owing to any other reason.    17. Procedure for filling up Seats Following procedure will be adopted for admission based on the merit list prepared as stated in Clause 10. (a) In each category seats are filled according to their quota given above.  (b) If the seats fallen vacant from any of the above allocated areas will be offered on the basis of open merit  to the successful candidates on waiting list from all other areas. 18. Cancellation of Admission  The admission of a student admitted before the start of the classes, who remains absent continuously for three  weeks from the date of start of classes of First Term of First Year, without obtaining permission from Dean  Faculty concerned through the Chairman/Director of concerned Department/Institute shall stand cancelled  automatically without issuing any notice thereof.    19. Closing of Admissions  The admissions for the session will be made up to the end of fourth week from the date of start of Classes.  After this period no new admissions will be made. However, any change of discipline on merit will be made up  to 07 days after the closing date of admission. The seats fallen vacant will not be filled-up.    20. NOC and Study Leave Order for Candidates Already in Service  The candidates who are already in service at the time of submission of admission form should attach no  objection certificate from their employers for their admission. After selection to the First Year Class, they will be  required to submit study leave order and relieving order from their employers for study purpose at the Centre  because the Bachelor’s degree program is a regular full time and day program and no student admitted in this  Centre is allowed to engage himself/herself in any employment during his/her studies.  21. Admission in any Other Institute    Being a full-time program of studies, no student of this Centre shall be allowed to enroll in any other full time or  part time courses of studies in any other educational institution without prior permission of the authorities of the  Centre. Violation of the above may lead to the cancellation of his/her admission.    22. Identity Card   The students, after getting admission at the Centre, will be issued Centre identity cards by the Head of the  concerned department. It is necessary for the students to keep their valid identity cards with them while  attending the classes, traveling in the point buses or staying in the campus.   23. Change of Discipline  No student shall be allowed to change his/her discipline/technology after the specified period as mentioned in  clause 19. 24.   Re-admission Policy  Those students who are eligible for any term of any year and remained absent from their classes and  examinations for any reason, will be considered for re-admission in the appropriate term where they left their  studies, with the appropriate batch subject to application of other relevant rules by the Re-admission  Committee, provided their absence is not of more than two calendar years. The application for re-admission  shall be submitted through the Chairman/Director of the concerned department/institution to the Dean of the  faculty concerned giving the cogent reasons.  25. Enrolment Card   Each student is required to enroll himself/herself in the University after the finalization of the discipline in the  First Term of First Year and obtain enrolment card accordingly. In case of failure, he/she will not be allowed to  appear in the examination of the First Term of the First Year.  Copyright (c) 2012 CEAD, MUET, Jamshoro, All rights reserved