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7   8   9   10   11         “ TENDER NOTICE FOR PURCHASING TOOL KITS”   Serial No.   Tool Kit   Items   Quantity   1   Digital Multimeter   25   2   Soldering Iron Electric   25   3   Portable Electric Drill Machine   25   4   Soldering Sucker   25   5   Jewellary Screw Driver    (Watch Screw   Driver Set) (6 Pcs)   25   6   Star Screw Driver Set   25   7   Long Flat Nose Plier    25   8   Diagonal Cutting Plier    25   9   Tweezers Set   25   10   Magnifying   Glass   25   11   Tool Bag (Tripal)   25   Terms & Conditions: 1.	All the firms shall submit their tenders on Tuesday 12th May 2015 @ 10.00 am Sharp at the office of the under  signed and will be opened by the tender committee on the same day @ 11.30 am in the presence of the  authorized representative of the firms. 2.	No tender will be received after the above date. 3.	CEAD, MUET, Jamshoro also reserves the right to enhance or reduce the quantities, or delete any tool kits items  from the tender as per PPRA Rules 4.	Along with tender forms, firms shall submit Security Call Deposit of total supply @ 5% through pay order in  favor of CEAD, MUET, Jamshoro. 5.	The bidder must supply the tool kit items @ CEAD, MUET, Jamshoro on its own cost within 7 days after issuing  of supply order. 6.	The successful firm would be liable to pay the taxes according to the law. 7.	The purchaser may reject any or all tender subject to the relevant provisions of PPRA Rule. 8.	The guarantee certificate of the tool kit items would be valid for at least one year from the date of supply. 9.	Bid Documents Costing fee is Rs. 800/= each tender (Non Refundable) can be received from the office of under  signed. If the 	Bid Document is required by courier, the cost will be Rs. 1200/= (Non Refundable) that can be  purchased through D.Draft in 	Favour of NAVTTC –CEAD Jamshoro Sindh Bank A/c No.0431-139901-1000,  Jamshoro Branch  CEAD, MUET, Jamshoro is required to purchase under NAVTTC short duration training programs tool kits for Computer Hardware Technician Students. Sealed tenders are invited from Sales Tax Registered & Income Tax registered firms for supply of the following Tool Kits Items as per detail given below:  PRIME MINISTER YOUTH SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM REGIONAL OFFICE NATIONAL VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL TRAINING COMMISION (NAVTTC) &  Centre of Excellence in art & design, MUET, Jamshoro                       Director, Centre of Excellence in art & Design, MUET, Jamshoro East Toll Plaza, Super highway, Jamshoro. Contact # 0222-110011, 03337904471